These pieces include some of my newest work, as well as a number of earlier pieces.  Click on any enlarged image to get more information.

Happy Dance 18" x 24"
Mixed-media collage (14"x18")
Connections (12" x 24")
Mixed-Media Collage (18"x24")
Bubble Gum 17.5" x 28"
Mixed-Media Collage (20"x20")
Untitled (14.5"x24")
Untitled (24"x36")
Stepping Stones (16"x20")
Mixed-Media Collage (12"x12")
Abstract Composition (8"x8")
Layers of Whimsy (19" high x 18" wid
Lunar Landscape
Untitlted (10.75" x 10.75")
Untitled Collage (11.75"x9.75")
Underwater ,(9.75"x9.5")
Ribbonplay (14" x 20")
Collision (8"x14.5")